Action for Happiness

This happens to be my first ever post for ‘Share Your Articles’ and it had to be a light and positive one.

So, what’s more positive than being happy? 🙂

Here you go… 🙂


The Hidden Power of Smiling

Those little boys standing near the railway track, smiling, shouting and waving continuously at the passing train.

The baby girl who smiled at you from the lap of a beggar who was seated on the footpath next to  which you parked your vehicle at that 30 second red light…wasn’t she a reason for you to be happy?

Have you ever stopped by to think about them? Why are they so happy? How are they able to smile at strangers? It is because they do not expect anything in return.

Have you ever tried smiling back at them? I have. And guess what….there is a strange kind of joy in giving back that simple curvy smile. It indeed brings in an urge to smile more.

That last piece of biscuit that your daughter is eyeing, yet has left it on the plate for you, waiting for you to say that you don’t feel like having it. Hasn’t that made you smile?

That illiterate widow at the bank counter for whom you filled up the Demand Draft form, so she could enroll her child into a school…didn’t that make you feel elated? Have you not felt good when you made an elderly person sit down while you chose to pay his bill since you were already standing in the queue? Helping people is not only good for them, it also makes us happier and healthier.

That one SMS from a long lost friend…has it not made your day ever?

An email from someone you met years ago on the plane and were seated next to each other for just a few hours.

A compliment from someone totally unrelated and unknown to you, didn’t it make you feel that you really were beautiful?

That email that came in ages from your otherwise miserly boss, which said, ‘Perfect’. Didn’t it make you smile?

Didn’t it make you feel happy when the nth time you tried the walnut cake and it was just perfect?

An entrance exam which you cleared after flunking for the last so many times, doesn’t it call for a treat?

A job that you get after months of sitting and struggling, circling ads after ads in classified sections of multiple newspapers and mailing your resume to ‘n’ number of info@ mail ids…doesn’t that sound great?

From every negative experience or mistake that you made, try and learn your lessons. Every situation has something or the other for us to take notes from. Nobody is so perfect that he/she can declare that learning is over. It is a continuous process and even in the small happenings of our day to day life, there’s so much for us to learn from things that we tend to overlook. Learning exposes us to new ideas and helps us stay curious and engaged. And minds that are engaged can never be devil’s workshop….Right???

Ever seen a child trying to fill up a water bottle by dropping water into it with a spoon from another vessel?

Or a toddler making criss-cross lines without any meaning on a piece of paper every time he gets one?

mehandiwala making repeated designs on his already colored hands?

They all do this with just one motive: “One day I’ll learn and be perfect.”

Do look at yourself once in a while in a mirror or the window of a car (I love doing that because I really look like a football on the car walls 😉 ), and appreciate your being.

Be kind with your own self. Spend some time for yourself doing something that you enjoy…like I enjoy window shopping, sleeping and writing the most.

Doesn’t it feel good to see that glow on your face when you appreciate yourself.

Ever tried making a bubble along with your children? Do it. It’s so much fun to be kids again.

When was the last time you enjoyed a meal licking your fingers? What??? Worried about what others might think of you? Who cares!!! Go ahead and do it tonight. Trust me, you’ll enjoy!

We are scared or under-confident because we tend to feel threatened by others or compete with them. Acknowledge the strength in others as well as yourselves instead of competing with each other. Be balanced in your actions, thoughts and vision.

Learn that happiness is not found in things, but in experiences and people.

Relationships are the most important contributors to happiness. People with strong social relationships are happier, healthier and live longer.

Life is not about how fast you run, or how high you climb, but how well you bounce. The harder you fall, the higher you bounce.

Dream a lot with closed as well as open eyes. Try and chase your unfulfilled dreams with a lot more zest and enthusiasm. Have goals. That gives us something to look forward to. They keep us excited and active.

Accept yourself the way you are. Appreciate yourself for whatever you’ve achieved. Be content.

Happiness is no big deal. It is no where else, but within us.

Phewwwww…too much gyaan for the weekend, let me leave you with this much and go and cook up some more for later. 🙂

Have a Great Weekend People! 🙂


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