Create Presentations Easily on with Shortcodes

Post From Cheri Lucas Rowlands

On, you can use a number of shortcodes to embed features and create objects with little effort, and make your site look just the way you want. We’re excited to announce new shortcodes you can use to whip up a slideshow presentation — and display it on your site.

A sampling of features

  • Selecting different slide transitions (up, down, left, right)
  • Rotating and scaling slides
  • Choosing colors or images for backgrounds (HTML color, image URL)
  • Setting transition durations and sizes

You can see these features in action, along with shortcode instructions to get you started, in the sample presentation below. Don’t forget to view it in full-screen — just click the four-arrow icon on the bottom right corner.

Presentations Shortcode Plugin

for sites

Who doesn’t love awesome presentations?

This presentations plugin provides shortcodes to let you quickly and easily put together amazing presentations!

Supported features include:

  • Choosing slide transitions
  • Rotating and scaling slides for extra awesomeness
  • Setting presentation backgrounds with solid colors or images
  • Setting transition durations and sizes


Presentations can be navigated either using the onscreen arrows, or by using keyboard arrow keys. Tab or space will also navigate the slideshow forward.

Fullscreen mode is toggled using the icon on the lower right. Hitting ESC on the keyboard will also exit fullscreen.

To begin, simply start with the

This slideshow could not be started. Try refreshing the page or viewing it in another browser.


Transitions are specified using .
The following options are available:


The default transition!




Or none!

Which only really works when fading is enabled.


Slides can be rotated using where the value is in degrees.


Emphasize your big ideas or explain the tiny details using .


Solid color backgrounds can be set using where the value can be any valid HTML color.

Alternatively with a valid image url will set it as the background, stretching the image to fill the slide.


Fading between is enabled by default. It can easily be disabled via with a value of “off” or “false”.


When you start to miss it re-enable it anytime with “on” or “true”.


Presentation-wide settings such as height, width, and transition duration (in seconds) can all be set using the respective attributes in the

This slideshow could not be started. Try refreshing the page or viewing it in another browser.


Also, any valid attribute can be placed in the

This slideshow could not be started. Try refreshing the page or viewing it in another browser.

shortcode, and it will apply to every slide unless explicitly overridden.

Enjoy making your own presentations 🙂

We’re excited that you can use these shortcodes to create presentations, from simple slideshows to sleek, professional presentations. For more detailed steps, visit the presentations shortcode support page.

Other slideshow embed options

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