Twenty-six Letters

Post by Areemeers

Category: Poetry

Sometimes it is okay
to let the words flow,
without a clue of what
you are writing about.
That’s the power of words.
They flow like water,
and reach out to you
like the hands
of a new born baby.

Although incredible,
words are dangerous.
Use words carefully.
One careless word,
can end a lifetime
of happiness and hope,
or something along
the lines of that.

Write, write, write.
Feel the words.
Are they tagging along,
with the blood in your veins?
Can you taste the words?

Words are beautiful!
Learn to love them.
They are so
u s e f u l.
And they are so full of life!

Words are better than Science,
I’d like to think!
Words create worlds,
but so does Science!
Words make me smile!

Words are strong,
and the reason for
my sanity.

Words I write,
words you write,
words they write,
words in books.

Words, words,
words, words, words.