Post By Disha Dinesh Sahni

morning-journeyI was uneasy at heart, when I had to leave my accustomed shelter. Once
my sub-concious mind questioned,” how can I be emancipated with
friends of lifetime?” “How will I make a brother out of stranger?” I
had forgotten that thou hast taken every moment of my life in thine
own hands. You answered me then, impossible dwells in the minds of the
impotent. I effaced the mightiest supersition, that is fear, from my
heart, and embark to wherever thou leadest me!

That night, I saw how dark the sky is;
In the morning I woke up and found the saffron sky greeting me to a
bright future.

When I stepped out and entered that new world of mine, I accepted some
things and doubted others. The semblance was delectable, still my
heart was replete with some sombre. You reminded me,then-
The One that Exists,
and The One that Does not-
All Troves in the ONE and THE INFINITE,
that is;

Being a peaceful soul, I tried to give a flower of peace to one and
all I met. Peace to me, does not mean- total inactivity, it implies
brotherhood in each activity.

A day, I plucked a flower and pressed it tightly to my heart. The
thorn pricked me and the flower faded away, my heart did not mind and
blessed it with forgiveness, because it was thou, my lord who told me
that – Forgiveness is the only reward which is given by the noble

I would say, that from the moment- I had known thou, my lord, stranger
there is none to me. I feel so special, so privilidged to know, that
you are the one and only companion of this eternal life. Oh! Grant me,
my prayer, oh lord- that I may never even blink my insight to your
serene divine image in the play of many.