Jesus loves you (blasphemous)

He fucked, he killed a prostitute

he took the cash back for the shoot

he shut his mouth to be a mute

then saved up for a tie and suit

he waited as the town forgot

forgetful minds, switched slow robots

he was smart yet they were not

he lived his life, no wife, no boss

he ventured out to find new friends

to drink and splash his saved up cash

he had it good, sold speed and hash

his reputation on the mend

he stood tall for turf and brawl

no fool his cool kept after all

walls of his mind began to fall

the rules of decency, to drool

his brains soon tricked with respect fuelled

of fights and keys of hash and phet

his heart began to disrespect

this very life so on he went

driving to a cliff not far

to fall into the rocks from pain

he met strangely by crashing waves

a citizen, god loving, brave

he confessed of his deadly sins

the stranger said that Jesus loves him

so he drove away that day

to join the church, to preach, to pray

he wore his suit, stood tall and winked

the ladies loved his preaching stint

they prayed by him, they worshipped him

were they lonely? were they dim?

I doubt they could have known of love

he took them to his home and shoved

an iron bar into their heads

he kept them frozen, blooded red

the church knew now as he was quick

he thought ahead, till he was sick

then died, they cried for his sweet soul

until the day that tripped their world

when bodies 43 were found

in ice, in mud, in mortar bound

will they bow to jesus now

the son of god the king was crowned

never now would they love him

unless the gruesome, grim and few

all in memory his sin

Jesus loves you