your eyes, my beloved one…


the sea believes it’s in your green eyes
and the sky looks at it day and night
among the hidden pearls…

in the twilight a strong green
burns me like a scorching fire,
my four leaf clover –
my luck on the starry beach
where I walk in my dreams…

you’re my mysterious “Ursa Major”
my divine source
that gave you its perfume
brought by “Big Dipper”
from the north of the sun
of a boreal color…

you’re my twig
with sesame buds
and peacock’s eyes
my purest green
my iris flower –
so beautiful and candid…

you’re my rainbow in front of the mountains
with green bridges,
and gems offered by the angels…
you have the eyes of love
I fell in love with them instantly…

dew drops when the rain is green
and the grass turned green during our wonderful wedding –
you’re my magical Eden with 2 sweet giants…

David Ionel Romulus

Translated by :Mélanie @New Playground