Practice makes Perfect

In high school, my English teacher would always tell us that we have to always write. We have to write every day and it doesn’t matter if we had nothing to say. It was simply the act of writing, practicing putting your thoughts on paper, that would make us better writers.

I took this to heart. I believed that if I wrote everyday, that would make me a better writer. At first, I would just write silly things; what I had for lunch, how my day went, what I learned in class. My writings would be short and without much substance.

As time went on and I learned more about the craft of writing, my writings became longer and more complex. In school, I would show my essays to my teachers and I would get good feedback. That encouraged me to write more at home. I would constantly write my thoughts down and sometimes, they would turn into short stories.

The one thing that I did not understand when I was younger, was that getting feedback from others is very important. It is the way that you learn and grow as a writer. When I finally did start sharing my writings, I learned what people liked, what they were interested in reading and what I needed to improve on.

Here are my two tips: Practice and show your work to others. I still have a long way to go when it comes to writing, but I have learned a lot from other people and from practicing my craft.