Penniless Hearts

“Hi, my name is John and I’m a character in Penniless Hearts, a book by Eve Gaal. Sorry, for acting so weird but, I just had a car accident from worrying about my girlfriend Penny. Have you heard from her? I haven’t seen her for a couple days and when I called her at work, I got voicemail. Right now, my head hurts from hitting the steering wheel and I’ve been in this hospital for hours. The nurses are sweet but no one is like Penny. Penny is my sunrise and my heart. Where would I be without her? One look at her eyes and I’m smiling. She’d make me feel better….

Anyway, there’s a job we’re doing down by City Hall and the foreman liked my ideas. He was going to take them to the architectural board for approval and see if they can implement the changes in the current infrastructure along Main Street to add unity to all the buildings. It’s a small change involving some designer touches that will make the new buildings match the older ones. I wish I could tell Penny about all of this.

Tina? What are you doing here? Have you heard from Penny?”

Read Penniless Hearts and find out what happens. Will John find Penny soon? What is Tina up to and why is she visiting him in the hospital?