A To Z For You And Me

my first loveAbsolutely I remember my first real love.

Bittersweet are those memories, and not a single one faded despite so many years that have gone by.

Caught by surprise, I had no chance to politely refuse your spontaneous hug after our tentative meet and greet done over a game of pool.

Dammit, I wanted to slip from my grasp but I didn’t.

Even now I can recall your incredibly obnoxious laughter and how contagious it was.

Funny how it all too quickly became natural to want to be around you and you me.

God only knows, but I do believe I fell in love you on our second date that you brought coffee to but none for me because you were so nervous.

How amazing was it, to realize and then admit, our feelings for the other and how relieving to know it was mutual.

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