For We Are Rock

Post By cecker2013

It’s an odd kind of feeling preparing for a massive change in your life. Watching the book of your life turning pages and starting a new chapter all together. There are a lot of feelings and emotions that go with it. You visualize and attempt to plan what it will be like and how you will do it even though you already know it will be absolutely nothing like what you think it will be. Ill be leaving for college here in about 14 days and its like watching a great wind coming at you about to blow you to Oz or beyond. I mean obviously I know what college I will be attending and I have spent a considerable amount of time there. But the point is I will live there and exist there and everyday for four years I will wake up and see the same people and attend class and have friends and do all the things I did in high school (to an extent) in Florida at this school. It will be so incredibly different from my entire life up to this point its almost scary.

I am also incredibly excited. Although Brevard has housed me, fed me and taught me so many powerful and and great things… I feel as though no new experience can be extracted, no new lesson can be taught. I am playing back through the levels of a video game I beat months ago, I am just yet to change the disc. I love this town but its time for a new environment with new people. and that’s exactly what’s about to happen. The real world, however, is far from the safe secure walls of high school. I say this more as a reminder to myself than any sort of message to those who may read this. The real world is a ruthless scary place that will chew you up and not think twice. All we can do is work hard and focus on what’s important in life and reach for your dreams. No safety nets or arms or guardians.
Just you, a ladder and the ground and how far you can climb without tiring or falling

And trust me…. I’m going to climb. I feel as though I am only barely scratching the raw ambition that I have within me and I intend to fully find how far I can push myself and see to what hight will it take me. what conclusion will all the decisions I make now and in the next four or five years have? I am to never know till they occur.

When I said that I felt as though a great wind was coming to take me to a new place different from any I have been before. This wind is the wind of change and It will always blow and blow. Opportunities and Random occurrence are the small bits of sand and dirt that beat against us. For we are rock and as the sand strikes us we begin to break down. small bits at first, but soon we look altogether different. nothing like the large amorphous masses we began life as full of infinite potential to be anything. Now we have taken form and we are a beautifully worn and smooth objects that people come from miles to see. but not everyone made it, some broke down completely, some became boulders that will forever roll the earth some never found there shape. and some became the sand that would go on and strike others.

“There is a certain relief in change, even though it be from bad to worse; as I have found in travelling in a stage-coach, that it is often a comfort to shift one’s position and be bruised in a new place.”

WASHINGTON IRVING, Tales of a Traveller

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