The Alpha Male Syndrome

Post By  Monika Bharti

As seen in many relationships which come and go , one of the main problems has been the dominating nature of either one of the individual. According to certain theories, it has been proved that the dominant nature is more prominent in the males. That is even in animals, there is the term “Alpha Male”.

It is seen that in relationships, the men tend to be dominating in some way or the other. Obviously I am not being biased. There are numerous cases in which its the female who is not ready to listen and is the dominating one. In both the cases, the only outcome is a break-up , physical abuse, or a very long and unhappy relationship.

Here is a tip for my fellow human beings, if you are in a relationship where the “Alpha Male Syndrome” exists, you better be ready to compromise a lot or else be ready for parting of ways. If still you do not want to part ways, then hats off to you.  Sometimes people change. maybe you would be lucky and that time might come in your relationship.