Pinterest Boards Open Doors

Photos, art, designs and logos brighten up posts by breaking up long text passages which makes your posts easier to read.

 The right photos help illustrate your underlying themes as well as allowing the reader to engage with your text through symbols. Sometimes personal photos are just what they need to connect with you as a writer.

Many of these paintings appeal more to modern sensibilities than many embarrassingly sentimental portrayals of saints.

Just the other day, a fellow Catholic connected with me on Pinterest, posting on my site and allowing me to post on theirs. By responding to this invitation, a whole new world of photos, paintings and icons has been revealed to me.  many of these images will take the modern world by surprise. Sharing image; what a wonderful way to connect with other Catholics who might not be avid bloggers but who offer a wealth of visual resources to liven up our blogs, posts and articles.



Our Lord is calling us to become digital evangelists in an effort to preach the Gospel to the ends of the earth. The farthest frontiers have long been “discovered” geographically, but are we really in a position to make disciples of all nations and win the world for Christ? Awestruck was born out of the call for Catholics to evangelise the “digital continent”. ALL CATHOLICS JOIN US – visit We need to grow the social network of Catholics and our faith!

The requests were for the following boards on Pinterest- all with great photos. My pinterset site is one of nine which contributes to this Catholic site.I have also included my own personal boards with awestruck’s. 


    •  Apologetics and Catechesis
    • Blessed John Paul II
    • Blessed Mother Teresa
    • Catholic Bands and Musical
    • Books, Movies, Media…
    • Catholic Inspiration
    • Catholic Kids
    • Catholic Memes, Comics, Graphics
    • Catholic News and Events
      Catholic Personalities
    • Catholic Youth
    • Chant
    • Christian Fine Art on “Catholic Feast”
    • Christian Street Art, Photography, Creative
    • Consecrated
    • Faith around the World
    • Family and Marriage
    • Icons
    • Jesus, Mary and Joseph on “Catholic Feast”
    • Liturgical Seasons
    • Monasteries and Convents
    • Nature-Gods Creation
    • Our Catholic Faith
    • Saint Padre Pio
    • Saint Therese of Lisieux
    • Saints on “Catholic Feast”
    • The Blessed Virgin & Marian Shrines around the World