The More you get the More you want

Post by: Ambreen Moosani
Description: “The more you get the more you want”, this is what I realized after getting job at a very good place. Human being is nothing but a selfish being, who always wants something better than what he has at present.
At once, I wonder, why this should not be the case? If people would not wish for something better, how the world is going to progress? On the other hand, a person’s being in search of betterment all the times, shows that he is not happy with what he has and he can never be happy with what he achieves. This is true because, what a person currently has is what he wished for before he did not have it. And when he will achieve what he currently wishes for, he would have something else to wish for. Where does happiness and satisfaction go in this search? The answer to this might be that happiness lies in the period of search, a person is most happy when he is searching and waiting to achieve something, when he achieves it, the period of search ends and the happiness lies for only a small period then. Being in search consistently gives the most joy and pleasure. The way to remain happy when one has the best in life but still not satisfied with his life, is to search, to question to look for. Search is not always about material things, it is not necessarily about job, business or popularity, it is about finding oneself, it is about finding the best inside oneself. During this search, one can come across different facts regarding one. One can find that happiness lies in making others happy, benefiting others and seeing others smile. It can also come from doing something without expecting any return, from spending time with loved ones, and from getting to know ordinary people with ordinary life styles and ordinary stories. It is happiness, when early morning while going to work a random child from the window of his school van, gives you a cute smile. It is happiness, when you go out for a party and the aunt in your neighborhood says you look beautiful. It is happiness, when you come home tired and see mom’s hands’ pakoras and tea especially made for you.
In today’s busy world, people are so busy in their material search that they have completely forgotten about small gestures that could bring million dollar smiles on their faces. They are so busy searching games and modern applications on their phones that they have overlooked the real search which could give them real happiness, which lies not in achieving some external thing but in yourself.