Five Essential Information to Prepare Before Purchasing a cPanel License

Post By: Josh Govner

Description: cPanel offers groundbreaking features that function expeditiously for people who will put this platform at work in their servers. Website and server management becomes easier through its offered control panel and add ons that operate flawlessly with this system.

Users must obtain a license before using cPanel, which is available from cPanel itself or its authorized partners. Getting the correct license is essentialas it guarantees this system will work effectively for cPanel users. The following are five of the essential information to prepare to obtain the right license for you.

Type of server to use

Servers are available in different types and when it comes to using cPanel, two types of licenses are offered based on the server that you’ll use. If you’ll have a dedicated server, you should get licensesset specifically for dedicated servers. Using a VPS or virtual private server allows you to use the VPS license, which is more affordable than dedicated server licenses. Both license types are available through cPanel or recommended partners.

Aside from these two server licenses, you must also check another license option if you’ll use CloudLinux in your system. CloudLinux is a revolutionary platform for people who plan to offer web hosting to end users.

IP address type

cPanel only license a certain type of IP address. This platform is tailored for commercial hosting, which lead developers to license static IP addresses that are visible for the public. Internal and dynamic IP addresses are not licensed and may be useless for individuals owning these types. Be sure to know your IP address type prior to looking for a license and save time if you own dynamic ones.

Operating system

Operating system compatibility is also a crucial informationif you look forward to use cPanel. Even before purchasing a license, take note if the cPanel release you’re trying to download and choose the license compatible with your server’s operating system. You can utilize various types of operating system based on the server type that you own. Check the supported build and make sure you’re using compatible platforms according to cPanel’s documentation reports.

Where to get the license

As mentioned earlier, cPanel and its partners offer licenses. They offer license options that match your server type and business size. You can shop among the list of partners recommended by cPanel for their offered licenses. cPanel, on the other hand, sells license that you can renew annually.


Budget typically controls the license type to purchase. Set a budget as you shop around for license options that you can order online. Usually, cPanel partners offer cheaper license fees but also consider cPanel’s price offers. They may give more value for your money after comparing its licensing features.

Preparing these details results to easy shopping for cPanel license based on what you need. List them on your notes and set a guide as you shop online for reference. Take advantage of the best license choices possible not only for your budget but also exceed your cPanel requirements.