When I am in doubt

When I am in doubt I wonder a lot, 
When I wonder I always remain in doubt. 
What else should I do when I am in doubt? 
Should I remain silent or should I shout. 
I wonder about the sorrows I see and feel, 
But I remain doubtful of what I can do. 
In my classroom I sit, my mind wandering away, 
Away from Alfred the Great and away from the respected Constitution, 
To the world of freedom, to the world of birds, 
Sitting at the window, I look at the cloudy skies. 
With puffs of grey floating about. 
A gentle pitter-patter and I realize, 
Tiny drops of nothingness falls. 
No taste, no colour, but only the feel. 
I can only feel it and see it. 
They fall on leaves and on everything around, 
They form dew drops and remain round. 
Like as if they themselves were little earths, 
So pure, so clean, so tender. 
I wish the dew drop I am living on would be the same, 
So that I remain free of doubt.