revised If I Can Create Quotes and Badges, ANYONE Can!

When I started blogging, a fellow blogger decided to immortalize one of my statements; she knew I couldn’t attempt it on my own.Most creative writers are not technological wizards. I think I am a typical example of the artsy type of student who left computer classes to the math and science nuts in highschool and university.

women-laughing2When I returned to writing last year, I reluctantly left my manual typewriter behind and sat apprehensively in front of a computer screen. Why are computer instructions written by technological wizards who expect everyone to understand their strange vocabulary? I mean, I cannot even understand the how to explanations! I still do not know how to install a tracking code into my blog and I have tried for hours.

Other seemingly simple activities on the computer have baffled me for weeks. It would have been so easy for someone to explain how to do things in plain English. For example, to get the URL of an image, right-click on OPEN IN A NEW TAB and ta,da…there is the URL. On the other hand right-click on “URL of image” and I can’t see a darn thing, anywhere.What is that?

Last year, a fellow blogger decided to immortalize one of my statements by designing a fancy background with artistic looking lettering. I was flabbergasted. I did not have a clue how to even begin creating anything like it; it seemed that I would never learn how to design a background for one of my phrases.44674

So to all creative, artsy, technologically challenged writers, I proudly share my newly discovered sites and apps which have helped me create beautiful images.

I unearthed two sites which are easy to use. The emphasis here is on the word easy. Quozio allows me to type a quote, using any one of their backgrounds. Easy.

Next, I stumbled upon a photo editing site at


Clipzines,, is a wonderful tool that allows computer idiots to create pages or collages of posts, quotes and images. Finally when sites would allow only one image for a front page, I could post a collage of pictures not just a single image that filled the entire screen. On all three of these sites the instructions are in normal, street spoken English, not techno English.


our art

I figured out how to make a screen shot for my Catholic Blog yesterday with the free app called Awesome Screen Shots. Install it, then simply press a button on the top of your screen. Voilà.

joy of nine9   Melanie Jean Juneau  published author  journalist

I used a Face book app to make the above banner. Now I can copy and paste it anywhere i want more than one image, even if the site only allows one.

Now I have unveiled my secrets, please feel free to leave other tips in the comments below. Thank-you.

Clipzines, is a wonderful tool that helps me create pages of pictures, collages.

Badge made for by Sarah Reinhard.

badge made for

Badge made for Catholic Bloggers Network by  of Equipping Catholic Families