Why To Compare?

That tree is taller than this one,
The moon is not as bright as the sun.
This flower is better than the one over there,
I wonder why people always compare.
I know my words are simple and innocent,
Like the smile of an infant.
Why this world compares everything, I wonder,
They compare the lightning and the thunder.
If they would not compare then there would be no wars, I bet,
Everything would be peaceful and perfectly set.
I have more, you have less,
Why to have all this mess?
Be content with what you lose and what you gain,
Then you will be away from all pain.
By comparing, my brothers and sisters, what will you gain?
Nothing, but that you will go insane.
The lion is the king of the forest,
But at singing the nightingale is the best.
I may not be as good as you are,
And to you, I may look bizarre.
I am just trying to say that,
A lion is a lion and a cat is a cat.
Everyone is unique in their own way,
And please don’t consider my words as a child’s play.
They will be what they are and will not change,
And my dear friends, this is not at all strange.
So I ask again, why to compare,
Let everything be balanced and fair.
The world will go its way,
We will go along with it every day.