I Believe

I believe that in everyone deep inside,
There is a beautiful side.
I believe that when all doors close,
One door will be opened by an unknown force.
I believe that war and bloodshed will stop one day,
And that countries will stop fighting one or the other way.
I believe that for every enemy there is a friend,
This world is a mix of good and bad, a complex blend.
I believe that with every fall,
You may rise up to stand tall.
I believe that for every slap,
There will be a friendly tap.
I believe that for every stony pathway,
There is a bed of flowers that bloom in May.
I believe that everyone is something,
No one is born without anything.
I believe that for every terrifying pain,
There will be a soothing gain.
Most of all I believe in me,
The only thought that fills me with glee.
For I believe that I am not a waste of space,
I believe that I can run along with this world in its same pace.
I believe in my self, that’s all I can do,
I believe in victory that will come one day for that ought to be true.