Imagine Beyond Imagination

Do you think you have ideas for life but feel life can’t wait, 
Then I think you are in my present state.
I want to discover the difference in life, my journey, 
But for that I have to be beyond extraordinary.
I want to know the power of my dreams, 
In between my life filled with cries and screams.
You should never stop asking questions ever, 
Then you can inspire the next forever.
Life is for those who do, 
Not for those who sit as if they have flu.
You have to think that impossible is nothing and just do it, 
Achieve brilliance because you are worth it.
To think smart is a better idea, 
And never forget to laugh like a maniac.
For you there is no substitute, 
Declare your beauty as you are that cute.
Just think, “I am what I am, ” and enjoy every step of your life, 
Have a break, have a kitkat when you think its a strife.
Keep your mind strong like a rock, 
And close it with the biggest lock.
This is the right time for life for you, , 
Because then for you the sky will always remain blue.
You can make a different world easily, 
Because beauty meets quality.
You were born to perform
Nothing can deter you, not even a storm
This is the way of life and life’s good, 
If you are healthy because good life means good food.
But never forget to be fair and balanced unlike any other, 
Be kind to everybody and the most to your father and mother.
So let’s forget all the gloom, 
Let’s go zoom, zoom.

(The above poem has been written with the brand slogans of various famous companies. For your convenience, I will be mentioning some of them below, 
Ideas for life-Panasonic
Beyond extraordinary-samsung
Zoom, zoom- mazda
Declare your beauty- Lux