If Animals Could Speak…..

A koala bear looks blankly at a tractor,
Destroying his home without any shame.
A tigress looks helplessly at a man killing her son for fur,
People do all this just for money and fame.
Birds come back from their search for food,
To find their nests all gone.
People cut trees for their own good.
To make life easy for new humans born.
Why is it that we do all this?
Is it just because animals cannot speak?
But to make our life happy and bliss.
We kill them just because they are weak.
I look at the animals enclosed in cages,
Their eyes speak many things.
Their life is all destroyed like torn pages.
Just to entertain flying monsters without wings.
Their eyes tell me, ‘ please free us.’
But I am totally helpless.
And they make a lot fuss.
But I cannot free them from this mess.
If only they could really speak,
They would have so many things to tell,
But they are innocent, so bleak,
So they keep quite like a broken bell.
If they could only speak,
They would have made so many complaints,
And the answer to all I do seek.
But I never find the answer from anywhere.