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facebookI am not much of a Facebook fan. Partly because my dad does not allow and partly because I don’t have any glamorous photos of mine to post. There are debates every now and then about the boons and boos of Facebook. I don’t believe in either. I just believe that Facebook is a phenomenon, a revolution and a break through of Science and technology. Not using Facebook cannot make you a scholar and using Facebook will not make you dumb. I am very sure that half of the people reading this article will be reading it just because the title is so. If I would have kept the title something like-‘The disadvantages of Facebook’, there would be no takers for this article. The world is addicted to Facebook, something I need not mention. The necessary things that many need nowadays are coffee, Facebook and toilet! Even though I don’t have an account of my own, I am free to use my dad’s account just to check out the pictures of my friends. I am not very sure of this but I think that half of what is said on Facebook is total blunder. A loose cannon may be pictured as an innocent deer and a cycle owner will pose in front of a Lamborghini claiming he owns it. Many of the beauties are actually beasts in reality, no offense!! The comments are sometimes skin peeling and at other times sugar coated.
Whatever happens, Facebook will always be a phenomenon!!!

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