To eat or NOT to eat

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Tips for healthy skin
Tips for healthy skin

Gyms, slimming capsules, slimming body suits, etc. All these are in trend now a days as everyone wants to be thin. No matter how much people are told that they look fine, being thin has become like an obsession for many. It’s not just teenagers anymore who are conscious if they are fat . From school kids to people in their twenties and thirties and also people who are about to retire, dieting and gymming to look thin and right is common today.
Having gone through a rough phase myself, I know the feeling. When you look at a dish, you try to contemplate. “To eat or NOT to eat” . if I eat this how much will I gain? How much I will have to work out later to keep in shape? Sometimes people eat and then regret later resulting forcing to vomit out. Parents are now a days worried if their children are suffering from Anorexia nervosa.

Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder characterized by immoderate food restriction and irrational fear of gaining weight, as well as a distorted body self-perception. It typically involves excessive weight loss and is usually found more in females than in males. Because of the fear of gaining weight, people with this disorder restrict the amount of food they consume. This restriction of food intake causes metabolic and hormonal disorders.Outside of medical literature, the terms anorexia nervosa and anorexia are often used interchangeably; however, anorexia is simply a medical term for lack of appetite, and people with anorexia nervosa do not in fact, lose their appetites.Patients suffering from anorexia nervosa may experience dizziness, headaches, drowsiness and a lack of energy.

The question today should not be- To eat or not to eat . It should be how to manage what you eat. Attraction starts from the eyes, and trust me , dull  eyes, with no spark due to starving yourself and weakness are not a good start.

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