Tips on choosing the best web blog platform for your blog

Blogging Guidelines

Let’s remember a few things about BLOG


What are “blogs”?

Ablog (word originated from English words “web blog” = internet journal) is a web publication (a written text) containing periodic articles and / or with continuous updates, which usually have a personal style. As a rule, updating blogs consist of additions of new texts, like a journal, all contributions being displayed in reverse chronological order (newest appear immediately on the top view).  General, this kind of web publications are available to the public.

If at first blogs were manually updated, with time “tools” had appeared (programs and methods) to automate the process. The use of such software based on Internet browsers is now a normal aspect of blogging.

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Platforms for blogs:

There are many blogging platforms, such as WordPress (the blogging platform most known and used), Blogger and more.

The purpose of blogs varies greatly, from personal diaries to…

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