Is Texting (SMS) Really Ruining Our Language

Is Texting (SMS)

With advancement in technology, man has also progressed and communication has become so fast that any happenings are published the next minute. The question here is that how can one communicate this fast and choosing which mode? Telecommunication is the fastest mode or messaging. Now messaging is very interesting. To make it quicker and less crowded, abbreviations are what most people choose to send a text. It has become lot in trend now that, almost every text is abbreviated.

Is abbreviations ruining our language ? Well researches say that, in no chance are abbreviations or texting ruining our language. Language is something that a person develops from being a kid. Every person leans different languages and that is just not that easy. However, from languages only abbreviations have derived. For the ease of communicating and not overcrowding while sending an SMS is when people started using abbreviations. People do not use abbreviations in any other written platform, other than while chatting or SMS.

         If looked into closely on this subject, we would understand that language is in by mo means being damaged. Lets take for example. In schools or any other educational institutes, teaching involves no abbreviations or short hands. No lecture classes uses short cuts, no minutes of meetings that are submitted formally use abbreviations, no official letters use abbreviations and so on. We get to understand from these observations that in any serious matter and which requires understanding completely, there are no short cuts or abbreviations used. However, while sending a SMS or while chatting to a friend, for the ease of the talk and passing the message, short hands or abbreviations are used. Like for example: C u l8tr, ( See you later)  OMG !!! ( Oh My God ) , Tht is Gr88 !!! ( That is great) ASAP ( As soon as possible ) and many such kinds are opted for the ease of typing and communicating.

Just by using abbreviations while sending a text does not mean that a language is ruined. It is up to the user who uses the language and the method in which they choose to use, that ruins not only a language but anything that they posses. People talk about ruining language by using short formats, but when in public , if one uses absurd words or yells at each other using offending words, is that also not offending and ruining a language. Using abbreviations were not taught to the present generation by their parents or the early generations. They found their space. Similarly there is no point in facts stating that we set example for the coming generations and ruin their language. They decide, what to a accept and decline.

Take for example, great writers have always been there in all ages and generations. They also advance with technology and do know very well about the current trend setting language usage, however they never use any of those when getting to serious works and for their publications. Language is not something that could be turned head over heels with in a day , or even with repeated trend setting usage. It passes from one generation to the next in all its glory and importance. However, in today’s rat race kind of life, one does not get the enough time to sit and type long sentences while trying to communicate for information that requires to be delivered faster.

Language ruining solely depends on how each one of us uses it. With the right kind of usage at the right places, in no means does any language get ruined. Even with so much advancement, people across the globe use formal languages for all official matters and communications, even if it is lengthy. Using abbreviations is all for fun and to get that smile when you read a simple yet funny message.

Therefore, I feel that in no means is texting ruining one’s language ability, but enhances the thoughts and modes of communicating thus improving ones thoughts through the usage of language. Not only the young but also the old enjoy the art of texting and using simple methods in sending short messages across the globe. Testing is a part of modernization and go for it, it is fun !!!!

Published By Cyril P Abraham