The Magic of the Universe

The Magic of the Universe

Guest Post By  Maria Antonia Diaz

I was going to write this guest post on something related to the topic of writing but changed my mind.  Instead, I want to relate an epiphany I had while I was creating a book trailer for my novel.  The experience taught me much, and opened my eyes to the beauty of creation.

As an indie author, I do much of the marketing and promotion myself, so one of the things I had to learn was how to make a book trailer for my novel.  The first step was to learn the process, learning from other authors who have done book trailers.  Once I learned the theory of it, the next phase was to find images to create the video – images that related somehow to the story I was trying to convey.  After I was happy with the images, the next step was to find background music for it, and finally, put everything together to create the book trailer. It wasn’t until this last phase that I had the epiphany, and maybe because I had entered the creative state.

What was this epiphany? Well, it happened when I realized that creating a book trailer for my novel was not one single event, but the fusion of many efforts.  I saw the process of learning from other Indi authors, the images of the photographers, and the track that a musician created as components of the piece that I was creating.  I saw the efforts of many creatives coming together in one piece – my book trailer.  I was part of something universal, of a force of creation that united many souls and minds in their own creations, but as one. We all had created our own pieces at one point – the information, the photo, the music track.  And this was the beauty of it.

At one point, the photographer was inspired to take a shot of something that touch his/her soul.  On another occasion, another moment in time and space, a musician was being inspired, putting his/her soul into creating music, blending musical notes to create a melody.  Somehow, the magic of the universe made its presence when all those components met my desire to create this book trailer.  I understood that it wasn’t only my creation, but that it went beyond that as it all fused together into the piece that I was making. Somehow, the souls of writers, musicians, and photographers were being fused into one.  Magic was happening, the magic of creation, the magic of the Universe, all under one Creator.  Moreover, I am writing this post, thanks to the invitation of Cyril, and he is sharing it with you. This is how we all relate to one another, even without knowing one another, but as one, and part of everything that is.  It is magical.

Author’s bio: Maria Antonia Diaz is the author of Moonlit Valley and The Dinorah Chronicles – Ramblings of the Spirit, Book 1 in the trilogy.  She is a freelance writer, blogger, and artist. She is the founder of The Owl Book and Candle.  She resides in New Jersey with her husband, Eddie, and six felines. She describes herself as a student of this Universe, and a Master of none.

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