Why write for Share your article site?

Why  write for Share your article site?

  • You’re helping millions of potential new readers to make life sparkle.
  • You get to showcase your insights, knowledge, expertise, business.
  • Get more targeted visitors to your site, increase your reach and visibility.
  • Your work gets shared on  social networking sites.
  • Getting a back link from blog helps your site’s credibility and ranking.

Email me your post with “GUEST POST” in the subject. I will publish posts that fit in well our blog.


  • Send your posts in a word doc and put “Guest Post” or “Article” in the subject heading.
  • Attach a pics  (150 X 150 headshot/regular pic – or I can resize it) to the email.
  • Put your name in the actual document & pic, i.e. YourName.Doc/YourNamePic.jpg.


  • Include a kickass title + question + related inspiring quote if possible.
  • Short bio (50-70 words) with website + social media links IN the doc (not email body).


I  may edit your post for grammar/formatting/flow/relevancy to reflect the vibrancy of Share your articles but may refuse posts that don’t fit the style of the site… or are too much work to edit. This isn’t a reflection on your writing, just about the right fit for my readers.

 I get a lot of submissions so it may take me some time to read & get back to you. Please be patient and refrain from emailing me to ask when I’ll be publishing your post – I’ll email you when I am (can take 3-4 weeks). Thank you for understanding!!

Thanks Cyril