Writing Tips: 3 Easy Steps To Get Started

3 Easy Steps To Get Started

Guest Post By Kristi Bernard

Writing can be fun but also a lot of work. If you are new to writing you may not know exactly how to get started. If you have a great story or other information to share it is important to have a plan of action. You will need to know how to research your project, keep track of your ideas and find the time to write. I have 3 easy tips to help you get started to becoming a writer.


It’s great to already have an idea of what you want to write. Lots of writers have trouble just coming up with something. You may want to ask yourself how many writers have already written about your topic and what spin they have put on it. So, my first suggestion would be for you to do a little research. The internet is your best tool for researching a project. I use Google all the time for help. The New York Times website has accumulated a list of 10 Simple Google Search Tricks to help you get started. When you visit sites be sure to take note of who their audience is, what tags they are using and what approach they took in sharing their idea.

Keep A Journal

Keeping track of information you acquire while researching your project will be crucial for your writing. Journals are great because you can always go back and refer to your notes. If you’ve found some helpful websites you can make notes and jot down your thoughts and ideas as they come to you. Journals are also great  for those late night ideas that come to you when you are half asleep. You can keep your journal by your bed and simply write down your idea and go right back to sleep. If you are not a fan of book journals there are sites online that allow you to keep track of your ideas and links to sites. Visit Penzu, a free online site to keep a journal that you can publish for others to see or keep it private for your view only.

Find Time To Write

Writing needs to take place when you have time and when you can sit quietly without interruption to do it. This means turning off the television and informing family and friends that you need your privacy in order to complete your project. If you have a busy life with kids, work or other activities this may be a difficult task. Create a schedule for yourself. Set a time to write and stick to it. Start out slow by only scheduling time to write 2 to 3 times per week instead of jumping into it everyday of the week. Leave yourself some wiggle room so that you can make adjustments as needed.

First Writing tips .Each of these basic steps are just a small part of the writing process. Becoming a writer means starting out with focus and good habits to help you stay on task. As you get more comfortable and confident about becoming a writer you will soon learn what works best for you. For more writing help please visit my blog The Neophyte Writer where I post links, author interviews and other tips to get you becoming the writer you long to be.

Thanks Cyril P Abraham

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