Trying to Fit in

Trying to Fit in

Category: Reality

By Monika Bharti
Everywhere in this world, one thing is common for sure. The tendency of people trying to fit in. No matter what country, what state, what continent, people try so damn hard just to be liked by others. Just to blend in.

Sometimes I wonder, why is it so important to fit in. Its peer pressure? It’s what your closed one’s would think if you don’t? Will you be called a loser if you did not blend in? What is the need to blend in?

It’s the world and it’s stupid rules, and we humans abide by them. We follow it without question. We try so hard that in the process we forget who we actually are. This ain’t right. I do not agree with this one. Why should we try to fit in? If we naturally do then its fine. Otherwise, please , stop trying so hard for something which makes you forget who you are. Makes you loose the one thing original inside you.
Try not to change for the world.