The old Soldier

Poetry by David R

The old soldier

just lay there, motionless.
Without moving a muscle, memories were flooding through his head.
It was going back to something different, and how come?
It was memories of an old sweet Heart of long ago.
A smile came across his old Leathered face.
The thought of her made his heart warm.
He often wondered if Life was good to here.

Well time to get the old joints moving.
Big Day ahead, he had new people to meet.
As we swung his legs over the side of the bed they moved much easier,
Was it the thoughts of her that put a little fire in his belly today?
He smiles to himself as he starts to move.
Yes he puts that new shirt on for the first time, why not?
She was so Special to him, was his world for a time.

As his day starts and he gets ready for all the new people,
He prepares himself to have a great attitude
To help someone else have a good one also.
When Silence hits the Air like a cool November chill.
He looks and looks again; my God could this be real
She Smiles at him and said good morning John, it’s been a long time.
As tears flood his eyes and he catches his breath, could it be true.

Yes it was as he reaches to her, Hello Mary as his voice softens.
Words were not needed as they just hold each other.
She wipes his tears and touches his face and smiles.
He holds her hands in his and tries to say something to her.
She looks at him and, says it’s ok John I know.
I know as they embrace and tears flow again.

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